Take a Good Thing and Make it Better

Previously, ABB announced a five year frame agreement with Petrobras, the huge Brazilian oil and gas company, to upgrade the Petrobras refineries using System 800xA installations for both automation and power control.

It Actuates, It Slices, It Dices, It Juliennes Fries

Digital valve positioner product manager Naas DeJager showcased the new TZIDC digital valve positioner at a session called “Improve Flow Efficiency with Digital Valve Positioners” but it could have been called “This Cool Positioner Does Everything You’ve Ever Asked For” instead.

Straight Talk from Joe Hogan

“Now that I’ve been at ABB for seven months, I think I know enough to be dangerous,” CEO Joe Hogan said at a Town Hall Meeting yesterday at ABB Automation and Power World. “You can’t come into a company with a designed playbook.

It isn't easy being green-- instrumentation, that is!

When you start applying “green” thinking to automation, the results you get can surprise you, as Dean Minehart, ABB’s instrumentation strategic account manager for the oil and gas market, showed in his presentation on “Green Instrumentation Engineering Practices,” at ABB Automation and Power World this week in Orlando.

The Joe and Peter show...Joe Hogan and Peter Terwiesch on the state of ABB

“Our intention is to get through the cycle.” New ABB Ltd. CEO Joe Hogan repeated this refrain several times as he led the automation press through a tour of ABB in the new tough economy.

The sky is not the limit anymore

Developing Economies Are Committed to Building Infrastructure

Not all long shadows are alligators

Not Every Shadow Is an Alligator, Says ABB's CEO, Pointing to Opportunities Even in Bad Times

The Benefits of State Based Control

Next week, ABB will be publishing an excellent and very important white paper called "The Benefits of State Based Control" written by David A. Huffman. As many of you know, State Based Control was the bedrock of Dow's MOD automation system for decades, and is still utilized in the...

ABB strikes again-- Rick Dolezal becomes Manager of Channel Sales

ABB makes it two in one day, with Rick Dolezal, formerly of Rockwell Automation, joining ABB as Manager of Channel Sales USA for the process automation group, joining the already announced hiring of Luis Duran we previously blogged.

ABB improves safety connection...

ABB appoints Luis Duran to manage Americas region safety systems business development