Extending Process Control Benefits Analysis Tips

What can be done besides the typical analysis for control benefits that show a setpoint can be moved closer to a constraint by reducing variability? Here we take a quick look at five things that can be done to extend this analysis to unknown effects and recognize and seek benefits...

MPC Best Practices for ISA Certification of Automation Professionals (CAP) Tips

Here is a new section on Model Predictive Control Best Practices for the next edition of the Guide to the Automation Book of Knowledge that is the primary resource for the ISA Certification of Automation Professionals (CAP) Program. The following includes text that may not fit into the page allocation for Chapter 13 on advanced control. 

The Difference Between Process Control & Management

According to Webster control is “to exercise restraining or directing influence over” whereas manage is “to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of”.  Subtle but distinctly different.  While process control may be necessary to ensure safety and proper operation it is process management that makes money for t

The Evolution of Smart Manufacturing #pauto #manufacturing #mfg

On Monday, I spoke at the HART Communication Foundation's general meeting in St Louis MO. The topic was a look forward at the future of process industry manufacturing. Here are the slides, to give you a flavor of what I said.