The Operator of the Future-- Arnold Oliver, Worsley Alumina Refinery

"We love to see our operators in action, just like our sports teams. We love them when they do well. We get frustrated with them when they make mistakes." Worsley management challenged the process control group with this question:

Alicia Bauer on the Matrikon/ABB partnership

Alicia Bauer is Director of Global Marketing Control Systems and Products. You'll see more of her in an upcoming interview in Control magazine. She gave a report on "the collaboration between Matrikon and ABB." First, she gave the obligatory tour of ABB.

From the power industry consortium

When Dynegy's flagship Baldwin Energy Complex was upgraded to Emerson Ovation control systems in 2001 to 2003, alarm management suddenly became a critical issue. Nuisance alarms were overwhelming the plant's existing and very traditional printer-and-CRT control-room monitoring, making it unnecessarily difficult for operators and plant management to clearly and...

More detailed URLs from Mik Marvan

Alarm Manager product: Alarm Workshops:  ...

Best practices: once again into the breech

This morning's final session in the "Best Practices" track focused on alarm management. Dr. Joseph Alford, recently retired from Eli Lilly, and Mik Marvan, Matrikon's alarm management product manager, threw a life preserver to automation professionals drowning in a tsunami of alarms. Dr. Alford condensed 35 years of batch processing...

Moving toward "bottom line" automation...

If you do one thing well, you are an expert. If you do two things well you are a prodigy. If you do three things well, you are amazing, but if you do everything well, you are a mountebank. Mike Brown is a mountebank. He does everything he touches well.

From the best practices track-- #1

Nancy B here again.

From the innovation track: controllers, alarms and critical instrument management

Trevor Hrycay of Suncor and Mike Brown of Matrikon presented a research project with University of Alberta, Suncor and Matrikon. Mike Brown indicated that this project provides a "three legged stool" for looking at real deployment, determining the real issues of adoption, reformulating work processes, etc.: the IRC Research Chair.

Alarm Management at Bayer MaterialScience

Nancy Bartels here. I'm the managing editor (aka "The Schedule Nazi" at Control.) Walt and Jim have gone off to have coffee and schmooze, abandoning me here to cover Dr. Felix Hanisch's report on Alarm Management at Bayer MaterialScience (BMS).

Alarm Management Trivia-- or is it?

Is 144 the maximum number of alarms an operator handles every day? Nope. That's the maximum number of alarms an operator SHOULD be handling every day, according to EEMUA. In fact, according to Matrikon, an operator handles over 1,000 alarms every day....