We Knew It Was Only a Matter of Time

Coming to work on a Monday and finding an email outlining the report of a major cyber security breach affecting an important supplier and its customers is never a good way to start the week. But that's what happened this morning.

CIPAG, FERC, NSF, FREEDM, CERT for Control Systems, CSIS and other acronyms...

The CIPAG Metrics Workgroup for Water was convened by the Water Sector Coordinating Council and Government Coordinating Council to develop a national performance measurement system for the water sector. Consequently, they issued “Recommendations of the CIPAC Metrics Work Group for Water” dated June 2008. It is an extremely disappointing document.

Assuring Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

I was asked by CSIS, the Center for Strategic and International Studies to prepare a white paper for them as part of their charter to produce recommendations for the non-partisan Blue Ribbon Commission on Cyber Security to present to the next administration, regardless of who wins the November election...

Assuring Industrial Control System Cyber Security

Joe Weiss, Control's Unfettered blogger, was asked by CSIS to prepare a white paper on cyber security for industrial control systems (ICS).

Joe shares his overall thoughts on the ACS conference

Overall ACS Conference Observations After a grueling week, I had a chance to collect my thoughts and have the following observations: - The attendees felt the Conference was a major success and want it to continue. - People will come if they think there is information of value.

Joe Weiss Discusses Thursday Session at the ACS Conference

2008 Applied Control Solutions Conference Blog - Thursday Here is the Thursday agenda:

Joe Weiss Reviews Wednesday Session at ACS Conference

2008 Applied Control Solutions Conference Blog - Wednesday Enclosed is the Wednesday agenda: Operations Data Network: How We Did It! Patching Issues with Modern and Legacy Control Systems Zoning Principals in a Production and Distribution Environment AMI Standards and Cyber Security Secure Network Architecture for Control Systems Cyber Security in...

Joe Weiss on the Tuesday activities at the ACS Conference

2008 Applied Control Solutions Conference Blog - Tuesday Here is the Tuesday agenda:

Thoughts on the ACS Conference

2008 Applied Control Solutions Conference Overview August 4-7 marked the Eighth Control System Cyber Security Conference. Times have certainly changed. When this Conference began in 2002, it was the only conference dedicated to control system cyber security, and conferences like Black Hat did not address control system topics.

Now you can watch Congressman Langevin

Congressman James Langevin, (D) Rhode Island, keynotes the 2008 ACS Cybersecurity Conference....