ARC says ABB is Number 1 in Automation Services

ABB appears to be maintaining its position, and even gaining ground, during the recession. Here's a release from ABB touting an ARC Advisory Group study about "Supplier Provided Automation Services":

Automation Services Market a Bright Spot in Dark Picture

ARC sent out a release this morning on the prospects for the automation services market. They look pretty good:

ARC- an assessment

As I didn't post almost all this week, I suppose I ought to explain-- but I did Twitter like crazy. If you haven't been infected with the Twitter virus, run like crazy.

Oracle "Hearts" Asian Manufacturing

This popped up in a newsletter from ARC. Seems the other big gun in ERP, Oracle, has discovered there's gold in them there manufacturing hills--at least in Asia. Below are excerpts from the report

Monday Morning Mail

Amid the post-weekend deluge of email offering me fake doctorates, dodgy drugs and opportunities to make easy money (Ri-i-i-i-ght!), the following bits of far more useful information popped up. 

Other ARC stuff...

I've never heard an IT person talk like this. Craig Dupler, and his compadre Steve Venema, must be really atypical, even at Boeing. Dupler said that it was stupid for IT to insist on making control systems follow enterprise IT rules about patching, patch management, and stuff we've all...

Back in the meeting hall at ARC

  While all the backroom briefings were going on, back in the real Forum, Dave Woll, Dick Hill, and Greg Gorbach, ARC analysts all, led concurrent sessions on justifying the value of automation, with panelists from DuPont, Petro-Canada, Dow, and Genentech; supplier and customer collaboration with panelists Mike Sarli from...

ARC Forum capsule reviews

After Maggie Walker's discussion on the globalization of engineering at Dow, Timothy Opitz from Boeing discussed the controversial design and manufacturing methodologies of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Opitz glowed about the ability of Boeing to coordinate shipment of parts from all over the globe, including large pieces of...

Emerson talks alternative fuels, and goes back to the future with pneumatics

On Monday, at the ARC Forum, Emerson Process Management's Al Novak, director alternative fuels, discussed not only the Emerson offerings for the alternative fuels industries, but also the technologies and some of the politics behind alternative fuel choices.

Maggie Walker on Globalization

"Engineering cannot be an island unto itself." Dow's vice president of darn near everything regarding engineering described the new and enduring roles of engineering at Dow Chemical. At Dow engineering is an archipelago, not an island, she noted.