AURORA and Its Effectives on Cybersecurity: Too Early to Pass Final Judgment

Since the original AURORA test bed at Idaho Labs in 2007 much has been said about the merits of the test conducted and many conjectures concerning its validity have been made.  It is important to remember that AURORA is not an isolated case that exists outside the cybersecurity framework.  To...

Misconceptions about Aurora - why isn't more being done

Aurora is a reliability gap in the protection of the electric grid (it is a global issue not just North American). It involves opening and closing a circuit breaker or breakers, resulting in an out-of-phase condition that can damage loads including generators and motors.

Aurora, Iran, coincidence?

With the current focus on Stuxnet and Iran, it is easy to forget about Aurora. Certainly most utilities have. There are several important issues with Aurora:1. It does not use the Internet2. It does not use Windows3. Like Stuxnet, it is an engineering attack against a process4. Unlike Stuxnet, we have proof it works