Hitchhiking and 2020

This post was supposed to be about why the SMLC initiatives might deliver a step change in manufacturing productivity when past efforts have fallen short but that will have to wait until the next post.

Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?

In the last post I posited that an automation vendors success in making software central to its business needs to be a key consideration on choosing a strategic partner for automation technology.  It is safe to say that while it seems every automation supplier is investing in software, not every...

Can Automation Vendors Regain Their Strategic Relevance?

Today almost all of the major control systems suppliers are making massive investments in software.  The question is whether these investments will actually allow the control systems vendors to compete against software intensive firms like SAP, Microsoft, Google or Oracle?  Digital technology has embedded itself in all aspects of machinery. ...

Let's Get Started

Here we go, the most challenging of all steps is the first one so I will start safe (baby steps concept) by sharing with you the topics I hope to cover in this blog:

Longbow Research releases automation industry survey

Longbow Research, which is an investment analyst firm that rates companies in the automation industry among others, has issued its December Automation Survey. I read Longbow's research religiously, because analyst Mark Douglass is the only investment analyst on or off Wall Street  that I know of who has a background...