What do New Automation Engineers Want to Know?

The questions submitted by the 10 worldwide participants in ISA Mentor program are refreshing and cause one to stand back and think about how we do things and how can we convey knowledge we take for granted.

Learning Basic Skills to Become an Automation Professional #pauto #automation #mfg

How do you get your basic training, and your refreshers? Do you go to ISA section meetings? Do you read books? Does your employer offer training courses? Do you wander around the InterWebs looking for necessary information? YouTube and Google it? Or do you just wing it and learn what...

If you can't read a P&ID diagram, you need this self-study course

Friends, based on the questions I get, and some of the posts I see on the various automation websites and email discussion lists and web forums, reading a piping and instrumentation diagram is becoming a lost art.

Indian engineers actually think differently than western ones do

From Dick Morley: FROM A READER Clash of the Mindsets: How Indian And Western Engineers View the World Differently Posted by Navi Radjou on July 1, 2008 11:36 AM Western multinationals like GE, Microsoft, Siemens, and Google are shifting their R&D to India (read it here), eage...