Siemens Picks Charlotte for User Conference

SIEMENS SELECTS CHARLOTTE FOR UPCOMING ANSWERS FOR INDUSTRY CONFERENCE - A Two-day Conference Focused on Enhancing Competitiveness Through Efficient Manufacturing, Green Buildings and Renewable Energy - ATLANTA, May 4, 2010 – Siemens Industry, Inc. today announced that as a part of its continuing effort to bring its energy efficient and...

Dow's Cosman talks RtPM using Simatic XHQ at Siemens Summit

(Dow's Eric Cosman gave the keynote speech yesterday. I apologise for the computer problems that prevented me from posting this yesterday...)  For Dow Chemical, RtPM Translates to Record-Breaking Profits There’s more than one reason why Dow Chemical Co. had record-breaking earnings in its most recent fiscal quarter.

Siemens updates WinCC SCADA Software to support Vista

Now, I know that many of you might not even know that Siemens makes a SCADA software system, but they do. And, frankly, it is a pretty good one. So it is nice to hear that they've released WinCC v.7.0, which has been adapted to provide a Vista option, without...

Bill Goble and the Safety Life Cycle

Process Safety: The Must Know “Process Safety is getting less expensive to engineer and keep current,” said Bill Goble, principal partner and co-founder of exida, a provider of IEC 61508 Product Certification, IEC 61511 Process Certification, Consulting Services on IEC 61511 and other standards, as well as Reference Books, Training...

Ralf-Michael Franke Tells It Like It Is!

Ralf-Michael Franke: CEO Industrial Automation Systems, Siemens Industry Sector Global Strategy in Automation, the role of the USA Franke again discussed the reorganization of Siemens. This kind of innovation takes years to completely come to fruition.

Dennis Sadlowski on the Siemens Reorganization

Dennis Sadlowski—

Raj Batra on Global Trends

Raj Batra keynote: Global Trends Driving Your Business Raj Batra is Vice President, Automation and Motion Division, Siemens Energy and Automation. Exiderdome is Siemens’ way of saying our portfolio is unparalleled and we’re saying that we’re close to our customers and our customers applications.

Dennis Inverso opens the Siemens Automation Summit

Dennis Inverso, Chairman of the Siemens User Advisory Board Attendance at the conference last year was 856. This year over a thousand attendees. In 1996, there were 90 in attendance. DuPont safety goal is zero—OTJ recordable injuries, and zero ethics violations We were a chemical company, now we are becoming...

So what about this exiderdome thing anyway?

With Chicago luminaries like Alderman Ed Burke (arguably the most powerful man in Illinois politics) and Robert Pritzker (arguably the richest man in Illinois) in the audience, Siemens' own luminaries participated in a celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Navy Pier last night.

The Siemens User Advisory Board

When Siemens acquired Moore Products, it acquired more than some field instruments it sold off, and a DCS system it promptly migrated to its own product line. Siemens acquired a vocal, enthusiastic and loyal User Group. This group has now grown substantially and is the host of the entire Automation Summit.