ISA Automation Week Wireless Track Sessions

Brad Carlberg, who chaired this year’s Wireless track at Automation Week in Mobile also recorded all the sessions as well so you are now able to get the benefit of both presenter and presentation at the following link

Automation Week 2011

It is Fall here in Canada which can only mean one thing – time to get ready for the annual Conference & Exhibition and of course associated Fall Leader’s Meeting in the days prior to Automation Week.  I will be attending and participating in Automation Week as a speaker on...

Automation Week 2010

I have just returned from ISA Automation Week in Houston – a radical change in format for the traditional Fall Exhibition and Conference.  Automation Week changed to more closely follow the model of several of the successful Spring symposia run by ISA Divisions with an emphasis on the conference with...

Fall = Convention Season

One sure sign that Fall is arriving, other than the return to school is all the conventions that are scheduled during September through November. The busy season always seems to be the Spring (April through mid-June) and then again this time of year.