What "enabling the plant of the future" really means #pauto #mfg #manufacturing

I hadn't seen Nancy Bartels' excellent blog post while I was on vacation before I wrote this, which is the draft of my August editorial.

"Rising China Wages Prompt Nissan, Foxconn to Boost Automation" says BusinessWeek #pauto

From an article by Mark Lee dated 6/22/2010:

Book Review: Jonathan Love's Process Automation Handbook #pauto #manufacturing #mfg

Jonathan Love's tour-de-force single volume Process Automation Handbook is a necessary reference, right beside Liptak's Instrument Engineer's Handbook, and if I can be pardoned, my own Instrumentation Reference Book, that should be on every process automation professional's desk or bookshelf.

Learning Basic Skills to Become an Automation Professional #pauto #automation #mfg

How do you get your basic training, and your refreshers? Do you go to ISA section meetings? Do you read books? Does your employer offer training courses? Do you wander around the InterWebs looking for necessary information? YouTube and Google it? Or do you just wing it and learn what...

Control Systems and the Great Toyota Fail

"Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad."

Longbow Research gingerly opens the flood gates for new contacts...#pauto

From an email to me from Mark Douglass of Longbow Research, by permission:

Bhattacharya Speaks

Hanging out on the Twittersphere this morning and came across the following, thanks to Eoin O'Riain at Readout: The Instrumentation Signpost. It's a Frost & Sullivan interview with Sudipta Bhattacharya of Invensys Operations Management. See here for what he has to say.

About Marketing-- whether it is to engineers or your boss or anybody else...

Seth Godin's blog, which is "must reading" for marketers...and other automation professionals should read him too just to find out what his take is on the near future of technology and society is...talks about the four basic types of know who you are, and automation marketers are

Siemens gets order for combined power, control and field instruments from Novus

Clearly showing that ABB isn't the only people who can automate all of the controls, both electric and process, in a plant, Siemens released this press release today:

10 Years from now...

As we near the end of the calendar year this is a good time to pull out the crystal ball and solicit your input on what YOU think automation systems in 2020 will be like?