The Beginning of a Long March, West, Texas, and Dhaka, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote the following in a brief meditation on the subject of plant safety, West, Texas, and Dhaka, Bangladesh, in particular:

The Beginning of a Long March?

In the United States, it was the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911 that coalesced a long-building movement to improve factory safety conditions. But even the deaths of 146 people. mostly young women, didn't solve our safety problems. Safety is still a struggle in any manufacturing environment.

West, Texas, Updates, Bangladesh and Other Safety Matters

It's been two weeks now since the explosion and fire at the West Fertilizer Company destroyed the facility, killed 15 people, leveled more than 50 houses, an apartment complex, two schools and a nursing home. In some respects, we don't know anymore now than we did the day after the...