Book of Very Critical Importance- Read it! #pauto #control

Terry Blevins, a member of the Process Automation Hall of Fame, and Mark Nixon, an eminent scientist working for Emerson Process Management, have codified and expanded the "Intro to Control Loops and Batch and Continuous Process" class given to new Emerson engineers into a real fundamental book, Control Loop Foundation-Batch...

I need help! The July Weighing and Batching feature is in need of input!

I am writing the July feature on Weighing and Batching and Load Cells and I want to solicit comments from you. If you don't have much to do with weighing and batching, please forward this to somebody who does.

Biogen Idec's Excellent Integration Adventure

CapEx Wireless Savings Proven in Hydrotreater Study

Yokogawa releases batch upgrade to Centum VP

Even though Yokogawa has been producing ISA88 batch processing capable DCS systems for years, that fact appears to have gone either under-marketed or under-observed in the marketplace. So, for those of you who didn't even know Centum did batch, the release below about an upgrade may come as a surprise.

ISA pays attention to its two best known standards

From the press release: ISA Publishes Technical Report on Using ISA88 and ISA95 Together. Research Triangle Park, NC (31 July 2008) - ISA88, the Batch Control Systems standards committee, has completed a technical report on using its standards with the ISA95 Enterprise/Control System Integration standards.