It Bears Repeating

It's Friday afternoon, and the week is winding down. I'm starting to think about packing it in. This ought to be the time to post something funny for "Out of Control" or more good news to follow up on Walt's last post.

Armenian Update

Messing around online this morning and came across this update on the explosion at the Nairit rubber facility in Yerevan, Armenia. Death toll is now 4, although there is talk of a fifth fatality. As is all too often the case in these situations, this accident didn't just happen...

Bayer Cropscience accused of cover-up in House hearings-- uses MTSA to hide behind national security

In the keynote address I gave last September to the TUV Rheinland Safety Symposium, I referred to the accident that had just occured at the Bayer CropScience facility in Institute West Virginia. I pointed out that despite thousands of man-hours of standards writing, training and compliance enforcement, accidents were...