Inside Fukushima and Preventing Future Disasters

It's been exactly a year and a day since Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami. So, in addition to all the lives lost and communities swept away in northeastern Japan, it's also been almost a year since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was damaged to the point that several of its...

Maybe the Gulf of Mexico Needs a Little Help from Its Friends

My dad always said that if you couldn't help solve a problem, the least you could do was get out of the way of the people who were working on it. That's why I have deliberately not given voice to my feelings, opinions, off-the-cuff comments and snotty remarks about The...

Liptak on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Got the following short email from our columnist and process control guru, Bela Liptak this morning. If you read our pages regularly, you know that Bela has some pretty definite opinions on the way things ought to be in process manufacturing.

Bela's Big Brag!

From Bela Liptak:

Congratulations, Bela!

Received this email from our fearless contributor, Bela Liptak this morning:

More Cat Control from Liptak

Bela Liptak, intrepid cat herder, titled this "Co-authors at work," but we can see that this is clearly a failure of the basic process control system.

More from the Sausage Factory

Nancy here, sneaking into the blog-posting station again while Walt's not looking.

New Area of Control Research

[img_assist|nid=2464|title=Belas cats|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=149]Process control legend and long-time Control columnist Bela Liptak has emailed us over the weekend that he's engaged in a new area of research--controlling cats. Over the weekend, he and his wife acquired three kittens from the same litter and are now learning first-hand the reality behind that...

Controls great Bèla Liptàk goes to India

An article in the Times of India Pune edition on November 28 reports that Control columnist and Process Automation Hall of Fame member

The Traveler Returns

Got an email from Walt this morning. "Got home at 7:00 last night. Still dead. Going back to bed now. See you in the morning." So you can expect some good and tasty Walt-isms starting tomorrow.