Don't have time to get an engineering degree? This book's for you!

I got an email a few weeks back asking if I would review a book that had the title, "Core Engineering Concepts." I said sure, send it along.

ISA delves into Patent Lore

ISA has just published a very interesting book, as much a departure for their publishing business as when they published Shari Worthington and my e-Business in Manufacturing book. Said book has found a new publisher and a second edition will be available sometime in the next six months...

PAS wins the ultimate chutzpah in marketing award

A while back, Eddie Habibi and Bill Hollifield of PAS wrote and self-published a book on alarm management. I reviewed it. It was a pretty good book. Later they sold the book to ISA, which re-published the book. I reviewed it again. It was still a pretty good book.

Oh, this is truly good! Honest!

Just received this press release from ISA. This is great, especially if the CD is searchable by keyword.

Guidelines for Safe and Reliable Instrumented Protective Systems

Angela Summers, recent inductee into the Process Automation Hall of Fame, sent me a copy of her new book  Guidelines for Safe and Reliable Instrumented Protective Systems, which you can buy on

Learn something about uncertainty-- and save money...

Back in January, I reviewed the 4th edition of Dr. Ron Dieck's important book, Measurement Uncertainty. Now, ISA has announced that you can buy this book at a 15% discount. Let me be blunt. If you are willing to admit that you know as little as most people in our...

The Road to Integration

MES and ERP integration guru Dennis Brandl writes, "What would you call IT integration projects that had under a 50% success rate, took more than two years on average, and rarely ever meet the original requirements?" Brandl was writing in the Foreword to The Road to Integrati...

from the department of "Dr. Uncertainty Rides Again!"

ISA has announced that they've released the fourth edition of Ron Dieck's incredibly valuable text on Measurement Uncertainty. Ron's new edition incorporates the uncertainty technologies embodied in both U.S. and international standards with a focus on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each.