New edition of Foundation Fieldbus by Verhappen and Pereira

 I am pleased to report the publication of the 3rd edition of Foundation Fieldbus by Ian Verhappen and Augusto Pereira. This volume, which I have read in a pre-publication version, is expanded and improved, with new information published since the 2nd edition, and is vastly improved over the 1st edition...

Checkin' Out the Book Racks

Got a news release this morning from the folks at ExperTune. Seems like George Buckbee and Joseph Alford have just released a new book, Automation Applications in Bio-Pharmaceuticals, available from ISA. The book is described as "a guide for engineers and designers new to the field of bio-pharmaceutical process control.

Extra Credit Reading

Boss Cat is still away, so this editorial mouse is going to play on the blog again. (Hey, Walt! You said you weren't going to log on while you were on vacation. Got a little online dependency goin' there?) Last time I posted, I mentioned Keith Larson's review of Richard Hofstader's  new...