Now for Good News from the sunken oil rig...No leaks #pauto

This morning, Coast Guard divers have inspected the well-head beneath the sunken BP-leased offshore oil platform and reported that they cannot see any leaking oil from the well. This means that the only oil spilled was that connected with the accident itself.

Update on Oil Spill #pauto

Here's an update on the oil rig situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Not as bad as it might -- or could yet -- be.

Oil Spil from Sunken Oil Platform Headed Toward Gulf Coastline #pauto

 Breaking news from Accuweather: New Threat for Gulf Coast from Sunken Oil Platform  By writer Carly Porter

PlantSuccess: a unique view of safety

Deborah Grubbe, vice president of safety change management for BP and General Ken Eickmann, USAF (ret.), from the Energy Institute of the University of Texas presented an interesting view of safety.