PlantSuccess 2010 Energy Leadership Conference

This afternoon we're talking climate change, and manufacturing and automation's responses to it. Steven Sondergard, Senior Consultant from Merrick & Company and author of "Climate Balance: A Balanced and Realistic View of Climate Change," has been demystifying and de-politicizing climate change so we can start talking from a rational baseline...

Getting Ready for PlantSuccess

Some thoughts as I try to tie up loose ends so I can leave tomorrow morning for PlantSuccess in Houston.

PlantSuccess-- sustainable manufacturing means higher profits and better operations--Energy Leadership #pauto

Next Wednesday and Thursday, the Houston version of Carl Howk's PlantSuccess conference will be held in Clear Lake, Texas. The event has been expanded from one to one-and-a-half days, to accommodate a pre-conference session. I am honored to be asked to speak at this session, since nearly all of the speakers...

The Antithesis of Fools-- PlantSuccess

Yesterday, Carl Howk, chairman of PlantSuccess, sent this out in his newsletter. I thought it worth repeating.

Get yourself a successful plant!

Here's an announcement from Carl Howk, Chairman of the PlantSuccess conference. Now, I understand that many of us have travel restrictions in place this year because of the economy, but if you can make this conference, I strongly urge you to.


For the past five years, Carl Howk has been trying to get me to attend one of his PlantSuccess conferences. Howk holds three a year-- one in the Northeast, one on the Gulf Coast, and one in Canada this year.