Walt's Excellent Adventure in China

But before we move off to cover the annual Honeywell bake-off (it is expected to be 105 degrees Fahrenheit or roughly 40 degrees Celsius all week in Phoenix), I'll talk a little about my experiences in China.

Off to China

I'm leaving in a few minutes for the airport to go to China to attend the Rockwell Partner Conference there...the Chinese equivalent of Automation Fair, I think. I hope I have enough bandwidth to blog from there...if not, I am sure Nancy and Jim will keep this space well filled.

Risky Business

Using the low-priced spread comes with some problems according to a survey of manufacturers just released by AMR Research; to wit, "the risk of sourcing and manufacturing in China is increasing rapidly as a result of intellectual property infringement, quality failures, and regulatory compliance."

While we're on the subject of pulp and paper, ABB horns in with a release from China....

A Chinese wonder of the pulp and paper world