Light at the end of the tunnel, and we're pretty sure it isn't a train

ABB announced its Q1 2009 quarterly financials in the press release below. It looks like, at least from the vantage of one of the most stable and secure automation vendors, the tide is beginning to turn.

Some unsolicited marketing advice worth more than you're paying for it...

Every year, I chair the ISA Marketing and Sales Summit, which this year will be in lovely downtown Boston in splendid September...go to for more information. The reason I do this is that, frankly, in the automation industry, as a colleague of mine recently noted, "The bar is...

Major Rant on Customer Service (not)


How to be a good customer

I've burned lots of electrons talking about how to be a good vendor. I've even gotten some shall we say, pointed comments from vendors about being "slapped around."

ABB posts 2007 results


Is there a SCADA link in the Terry Childs incident in San Francisco?

San Francisco and SCADA Jake Brodsky brought up the following, "Do management and law enforcement types have any clue as to how one might regain control of a SCADA system after a rogue employee has secured everyone out of it?" I had planned on saying something at the Conference next...


Hi, Dan Hebert here, Senior Technical Editor at Putman. Here's an excerpt from a recent column of mine. Don’t tell the U.S. presidential candidates as they campaign through the heartland, because they might come after us. The chief cause for manufacturing job losses in the U.S.


Dan Hebert here, Putman Editor. Here's an excerpt from a recent column that I wrote for our sister pub Control Design. Many journalists don’t dig for data and don’t know how to analyze numbers using basic statistics. Instead, they present sensationalist headlines that generate visceral fears and inaccurately influence opinions.


Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert here with an excerpt from a recent column that I wrote. Was your childhood scarred by science fairs? Did you work for weeks on a project that turned out to be incredibly lame compared to other kids’ stuff that was obviously done by their engineer... has a new look

Some of you (in fact, I truly hope that all of you) have noticed that has a new look, effective yesterday. We hope you like it. We tried to make it easier to find things, with the detailed drop-down menus from the tabs located at the top of the...