My Problem with the Maytag Repairman

Have any of you out there in ProcessAutomationLand caught the latest commercial for Maytag appliances? It's getting a fair amount of airtime on the cable channels. It's the one where the plant engineers are looking at the two-headed stuffed animals coming off the assembly line and wondering what's wrong.

Homeland Security pronounces on control system security

The US Department of Homeland Security released its Catalog of Control Systems Requirements (Draft) July 2007  today. It is interesting reading. According to several commentators, it contains warnings about spam and social media-- things not entirely commonly associated with control syst...

From Honeywell: Enraf deal is final

Another entry in the Directory of Lost Companies Honeywell completes Enraf acquisition Is this a trend: will Honeywell change its longstanding policy and become a field instrument company? Going boldly into the wild and wooly world of field instrumentation, Honeywell Process Systems has completed the purchase of Enraf from Delft...

What's this? A bogus security survey?

Jake Brodsky noticed this on the Industrial Defender website:

And what do _I_ think about wireless?

Some people attending the ISA Wireless Summit this week noted that I was capturing in this blog the essence of what was being said by everybody else at the meeting...but what they wanted to know was what Walt Boyes thought.

Editorial Comment!

I just want to add that I am floored with the honesty and accuracy of what John Berra said this morning. He is exactly right. I want everybody to read what he said, and I'm going to ask him for the text of his remarks, so I can post them...

A milestone for automation professionals

I received this email from Steve Huffman, the President of ISA. I am stoked. Keep on going, Steve! Walt: To follow-up on our dinner conversation in Baltimore, a small group of ISA, WBF, and senior staff members had the opportunity to present our case under the Automation Federation banner for...

What is cool about user groups

At one of the sessions here at the Foxboro User Group, Jim Montague heard two end users talking. One said he was jealous of the other. He was impressed with what the other user had done with wireless in his plant.

The first of two: ControlGlobal e-news for Tuesday 7/17

We had an e-newsletter scheduled for today...and we're going to have a Foxboro User Group e-news in a while. Here's something for you to read while you wait for the User Group e-Show Daily:

Joe Weiss reports on NERC CIP and Electric Utility Safety

How Secure are the Electric Utilities if They Implement the NERC CIP Standards? The NERC CIP standards were developed in a consensus fashion with representation from the smallest to the largest utility organizations. In order to obtain consensus, the NERC CIP standards are ambiguous and at best provide a "minimum bar".