First blog of the year-- Control's 20th anniversary

Welcome to 2008! I hope all your teams won, all your family events were joyous and unstressful, and that you are all ready to confront another year of challenges and opportunities. We certainly are. This is Control's 20th year.

Web 2.0 will bite you if you don't watch out!

This was on one of the Internet control mailing lists. I've sanitized it, but I am well aware that y'all can figure out who's who. The point isn't to help this guy slapdown the vendors he doesn't care for, but to point out that vendors need to be aware that some of...

A Web 2.0 cautionary tale

Recently, over on the A-List at, there's been a very interesting thread. In it, one extremely unhappy user of an HMI vendor's product has used the A-List to trash that vendor over and over for a couple of weeks now. The vendor has responded, other vendors have responded.

...and Control magazine makes the news...

...or rather, the Chicago Sun-Times in today's column by Neil Steinberg. We are collectively quite flattered by Mr. Steinberg's attention:

Shanghai Night

The rain began as we loaded up on a half dozen huge buses (all sporting the name "King Long") for the nearly two hour trip from Lake Malaren to downtown Shanghai. Shanghai is bisected by the HuangPu river into PuDong and PuXi (West of River and East of River) On...

A visit to Planet Emerson

You know how it is...go someplace and get sidetracked. Well, I am always a sucker for a pretty manufacturing plant, so since I had a free day, today, instead of doing what a normal person would do, and go sightseeing in Shanghai, I went and visited Emerson China's headquarters and plant.

The view from Shanghai

After a grueling 15 hour flight, and some intense sleep therapy to overcome the jet lag, I'm finally ready to discover China. I've never been to China before, and I find it fascinating. The energy and excitement in China is palpable.

Time to Toot Our Own Horns

Found this link on today. The Wise Men have spoken. Manufacturing jobs are expected to decline by more than 5% by 2014, qualifying manufacturing (again!) for top of the heap in the Worst Jobs of the Future contest.

WirelessHART: it's not just for process variables anymore

So here we have all those unloved, lonely discrete inputs in the process plant. Things like on-off switches, level switches, flow switches, alarm switches...all those things that we don't usually think of as being part of the process and that sit out in the plant feeling abandoned and uncaredfor.

But where's the OTHER wireless press release?

You know, the one where ISA and the HCF jointly announce that WirelessHART is going to become part of the ISA100.11a standard? The one that announces the end to the wireless war? Why haven't we seen that one? We know there's a deal. I have described it in this blog.