Cisco and Emerson...say what?

According to Maciej Krantz, vice president of Cisco's wireless business group, the agreement that Cisco made with Rockwell last April was really "only for wired networking." So, Cisco has decided to work with Emerson for wireless networking.

About that asset management stuff...

Emerson and CSI showed some very neat stuff yesterday, and they are clearly doing a top down strategy for asset management. They are going after the high dollar, super critical monitoring applications, but they've shown now, with their partnership with other vendors, for things like corrosion detection, that they understand...

HART 7 what?

As expected, the HART Communication Foundation Board voted to release the complete HART 7 specification, including WirelessHART, which now becomes an open international standard. As promised, Honeywell cast a no vote. I have included the text of the HART foundation's press release below, but I want to inject some commentary...

HART v. SP100: the plot thickens

Far from being a done deal, the ISA SP100 "Principles of Operation" document is, itself, in question. The following letter was sent to the ISA SP100 Community, in care of Pat Kinney and Dan Sexton, and signed by a whole bushel load of SP100 members.

HART 7: and what do _I_ think?

This is a most distressing development. It is, however, not unexpected. As I blogged back in June at Honeywell User Group, Honeywell clearly had decided to be in non-support of WirelessHART, even though Tom Phinney, the recently retired Honeywell Fellow, was one of the principal authors.

HART 7: Do we have wireless war after all?

Yesterday, Honeywell's President, Jack Bolick, announced that Honeywell would not support the final ratification of HART 7 at the HART Board Meeting tomorrow. Here is the text of his letter:

Extra Credit Reading

Boss Cat is still away, so this editorial mouse is going to play on the blog again. (Hey, Walt! You said you weren't going to log on while you were on vacation. Got a little online dependency goin' there?) Last time I posted, I mentioned Keith Larson's review of Richard Hofstader's  new...

Walt's Vacation, Philosophy and the September Issue

If the editor in chief goes on vacation and no one know where, does the magazine blog cease to exist? Not necessarily. At least not if he made the mistake of giving his managing editor the password to the posting software.

Taking a break

I am going to take a week's vacation. I deserve it. I will be back on September 4th. I don't know of any of the other Control editors will post here in the meantime, so I bid you all a great adios....

And congratulations are in order... Racine Federated, makers of Hedland, Blancett, Dynasonics, Preso, and other well known brands of flow measurement systems...for making the INC. 5000 list this year. As Tom Nelson, their vice president of business development noted in an email to me, "#4285, but we made the list!" Anytime an automation company...