"To Encourage the Others"

Sigh!. There's been another one. This time the fire is in the Corpus Christi, Texas, Citgo refinery. Actually is the second one this weekend that I know about. There was a fire in a bio-diesel plant in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago on Saturday. 

Takin' the Blogging Machine Out Again.

Just a little item I should have tied into my earlier post about safety issues. Our own Jim Montague has weighed in here. He talks to an end user about the "push the red button and we fire you" syndrome and other impediments to process manufacturing safety.

Would you want your kid to do this job?

A while back (in 2006) I wrote an editorial titled "Would you want your kid to do this job?" If you want to re-read it, or read it now for the first time, here's the URL: