So Why aren’t Wireless Smart Sensors More Prevalent?

Last week in the San Francisco Bay area two conferences were going on that had significant machine-to-machine content.  Connected World, the magazine, sponsors its M2M conference every year and after a more than a decade in the Chicago area it moved to Santa Clara, CA.  At the same time ABB’s...

The Difference Between Process Control & Management

According to Webster control is “to exercise restraining or directing influence over” whereas manage is “to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of”.  Subtle but distinctly different.  While process control may be necessary to ensure safety and proper operation it is process management that makes money for t

Deja Vu - All Over Again

As I have noted in the last several posts I have been traveling a lot lately and it has just been recently that I have finally caught up with reading all my email, blogs I follow and the forums/groups that I belong to.

Cybersecurity Responsibility White Paper

I was recently informed about a new White Paper by respected cybersecurity authorities Ralph Langner and Perry Pederson of the Brookings Institution called "Bound to Fail: Why Cybersecurity Risk Cannot Be Simply 'Managed' Away" that is now available for free after registration from ControlGlobal at

Systems Thinking

In the last post I raised the issue of unintended consequences.  Some may have thought I was arguing against automatic control when I postulated that before computerized control took over that catastrophic systems failures were less likely since humans struggled to maintain control with even minor equipment degradation.

Ghost Ship? No, it's a robot ship! #pauto #USnavy #RTP

You have heard a lot about UAVs since they've been widely used in the war in Afghanistan...unmanned aerial vehicles...but have you heard about UNVs?

First Honeywell News of the Day

The 2010 Honeywell Users Group in Phoenix is just about cranking up as we speak, but the PR folks have been up very early. This is the first bit of news that popped up in my mailbox this morning.

More from Safecomp

John Eidar Simensen of Institute for Energy Technology offered a methodology using Baysian Belief Networks for estimating the complexity of critical instrumentation and control systems. This is an ongoing project which may provide the first real metrics for complexity after years of trying.

ABB passes the 5000 mark for System 800xA

According to a press release from ABB's Laura Patrick this morning, the less-than-five-year-old ABB DCS has passed the 5K mark, with the majority of systems being new or competitive system replacements.

ISA99.02.01 cyber security standard approved by ANSI, submitted to IEC

ISA99.02.01 was approved by ANSI as an American National Standard on 13 January 2009. It has now been submitted to IEC65 WG10 for the IEC process. Individuals who are members of ISA may download the standard at no charge for your individual use.