The January Control Online Edition is posted for your reading pleasure!

Control's January issue is now online and ready for viewing.

Siemens gets order for combined power, control and field instruments from Novus

Clearly showing that ABB isn't the only people who can automate all of the controls, both electric and process, in a plant, Siemens released this press release today:

Book review: Mastering Split-Range Control, by George Buckbee

George Buckbee is best known as the mouthpiece for Expertune, but he also is the president of a little known effort called PIDTutor.

The November issue of Control is posted...

Control's November issue is now online and ready for viewing.

Not Something About Automation Fair

Don't get me wrong. I'm not dissing Rockwell Automation here. It's just that when we're in the middle of producing show dailies at events such as Automation Fair, we get pretty focused. So I'm taking a break here to see what's happening in the rest of the world.

A little personal update-- I'm taking a short leave

First, I want to take this time to thank everyone who has sent condolences on my wife's death, and all those who contributed to the Corgi Fund and other Corgi charities in her name. I am humbled by this outpouring of caring and support. Thank you.

Beginning in October, our third user generated content feature in the magazine: Voices from the Project

Beginning with the October issue, we will be adding a third user generated content feature to accompany Feedback and Ask the Experts in Control magazine.

Space Based Power? Mitsubishi is putting together a consortium

Mitsubishi, IHI to Join $21 Bln Space Solar Project