Don't forget the Process Automation Usability Project #PAutoUP

[img_assist|nid=3064|title=Process Automation Usability Project|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=391|height=320]Don't forget the valuable insights to gain from and to give to your fellow process automation professionals at the Process Automation Usability Project here on

New Timeless Resource: The Ametek Precision Pressure Measurement User Guide

We've received some terrific timeless resources for our readers over the years, like the Fisher Little Black Book and the Magnetrol Desk Reference, among others. We're pleased and proud to add to that collection of essential end-user resources the AMETEK Precision Pressure Measurement User Guide.

A sneak peek at the new Control digital edition

I thought you would all like a sneak peek at the new version of the Control digital edition. It isn't up on the website publicly yet, and there are a few bugs in it, but this is easier to read, easier to use, faster to download if you want...

Meanwhile, for Better or Worse . . .

Good news or bad news on the economic front, it's always good to keep your skills sharp. There are lots of ways to do this (some of which we'll be exploring in one of our spring issues, by the way).

Control digital edition for October posted

The Control magazine digital edition is posted. You can read it in Flash format online, and you can also download a DRM-free PDF version and read it at your leisure, or print stories out and pass them around. We welcome you to do that.

More from the Sausage Factory

Nancy here, sneaking into the blog-posting station again while Walt's not looking.

August digital edition of Control is available

The Adobe Flash and PDF facsimile editions of the August issue of Control magazine are now available on This issue's cover story is "The Schocking Truth About Wireless" and you can read the Flash version here, as well as download the unencrypted PDF, copy pages and send them to...