CSIA talks about how to make more money

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The politically incorrect economist speaks

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Connecting the dots-- integrating the integrators' supply chain

It had to happen. Anixter, one of the largest industrial distributors in the world, has become the first to try to integrate the integrators' supply chain.

It's not a dead cat bounce-- Maverick just keeps on getting bigger.

St. Louis based Maverick Technologies, which is one of the largest system integrators in the world, has gotten a wee bit bigger, with a new acquisition that positions them squarely in the food and beverage market.

Nels Tyring, father of control system integration, passed away last night

I've written a blog post on my personal blog:

Live from CSIA in Savannah...

I'll be posting catchup from Automation World too, but I got up early this morning and flew to Savannah for one of the most important meetings I attend every year, the Control System Integrators Association. CSIA is the organization that has created the discipline of control system integration, and made...

CSIA Milestones...300th member, 100th Certified Member

Read the release:   EXTON, PA, January 10, 2008 - CSIA, CONTROL SYSTEM INTEGRATORS ASSOCIATION, achieved new heights during 2007 in total membership, new members, and global presence, Executive Director Norman O'Leary announced today. During the year, CSIA - â–  Surpassed the 300-member level.

CSIA passes a huge milestone!

According to Lou Zimmer of CSIA, the Control System Integrators Association, CSIA has certified its 100th integrator member. Control Technologies, Inc. (, a Fort Smith, Arkansas, system integrator, earned the title following a successful audit that assessed its compliance with CSIA's Best Practices and Benchmarks. Control Te...

It's 2 PM...Do you know where your system integrators are?

Well, Siemens does. More than 300 system integrators, vendors, and journalists received a special greeting as they entered two meeting areas of the Control System Integrators Association Conference in Santa Fe, N.M. A 19 inch industrial monitor positioned at each entrance flashed the names of the participants as they walked...