The Illinois Water Hack Is a Test of the System for Disclosure – Is It Broken?

My blog on the Illinois water hack was directly based on a formal disclosure announcement by the Illinois State Terrorism and Intelligence Center - STIC (Note: My blog did not identify the state involved. That disclosure came from DHS).

Is the WaterISAC Helping the Water Industry? – The Illinois Water Hack Raises Serious Questions

Per the WaterISAC portal, the WaterISAC (Information Sharing and Analysis Center) is a community of water sector professionals who share a common purpose: to protect public health and the environment. The WaterISAC provides email notifications about threats and any incidents demanding immediate attention.

Will we ever learn?

In preparing for two webinars I held this week, I ran across two items that just make you hold your breath. The first was an advertisement for an on-line process controller for water treatment. It stated: “The result is the ability to remotely monitor and control your process from any...