The MIT Report on the Electric Grid: Control Systems Were Not Adequately Addressed

MIT issued the report, "The Future of the Electric Grid – An Interdisciplinary MIT Study." Chapter 9 is "Data Communications, Cybersecurity, and Information Privacy." According to the report, the U.S. should implement standards to reduce the risk of cyber attacks on the electricity grid and should designate one agency responsible...

We Knew It Was Only a Matter of Time

Coming to work on a Monday and finding an email outlining the report of a major cyber security breach affecting an important supplier and its customers is never a good way to start the week. But that's what happened this morning.

Have the NERC CIPs made the grid more secure - Who do you believe

Mike Assante is the Vice President and Chief Security Officer for NERC.  April 7th, Mike issued a letter to industry - “Critical Cyber Asset Identification” based on the results of NERC’s recently completed self-certification compliance survey for NERC Reliability Standard CIP-002-1 – Critical Cyber Asset Identification for the period...