Leadership Focus Podcast: Cyber Security

Each year the damage to critical infrastructure from network incidentsand cyber attacks is measured in the billions of dollars.

More on the MIcroLogix vulnerability-- Rockwell's statement

I recently posted a vulnerability in several models of the Rockwell Automation MicroLogix product line, and noted that, per the security researcher, Eyal Udassin of C4, Rockwell had been completely cooperative with the security researcher in working out a solution to the problem.

Your Taxpayers' Money at Work

Walt Boyes just posted this message: "Go visit" on Twitter. (If you're not following @waltboyes, why not? Seriously, Twitter isn't just about wasting time at work. But I digress.

Let's Get Started

Here we go, the most challenging of all steps is the first one so I will start safe (baby steps concept) by sharing with you the topics I hope to cover in this blog:

Ow! This Is Gonna Smart!

Walt Boyes has been taking time away, but I guess it was too much to expect that he'd back away from the computer completely. This just popped up in my inbox as a Twitter link.

CyberSecurity Awareness for Users of Industrial Control Systems

When: 19 November 2009 Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EDT 

ARC's Bob Mick on Testing and Cyber Security

ARC Advisory Group guru, Bob Mick, has posted this piece on the relationship between testing and cybersecurity.

Wurldtech announces functional security training aimed at automation professionals

Newly Formed Energy Sector Cyber Security Consortium Announces First Research Project Aimed At Improving Industrial Cyber Security Training & Education For Automation Professionals