Wurldtech certifies 15th device using Achilles

With over 48 devices and 500+ vulnerabilities in their Delphi Database, Wurldtech is making considerable inroads on the devices with their 15th certified device. At what point does this make Achilles a de-facto standard? I think we've clearly reached that point.

And still another win for Wurldtech-- Invensys becomes the 14th vendor to use Achilles

It appears to be a big few days for Wurldtech. Yesterday, HIMA declared itself the 13th vendor to standardize on the Achilles platform for security testing during and throughout the product development lifecycle. Today it is Invensys.

Yet another win for Wurldtech-- HIMA becomes the 13th vendor to use Achilles

Wurldtech appears to be building up a significant head of steam as the unofficial standard for cyber security testing of control and automation systems and industrial networks. Here's the latest-- a press release, not from Wurldtech, but from HIMA Paul Hildebrandt, Wurldtech's customer:

Wurldtech's Cybersecurity Footprint Gets Even Bigger

Getting Walt to take a vacation is not an easy thing. But he's been good this time. Have hardly heard from him at all. I expect Mrs. Walt issued some fairly severe threats. So this morning when an email from him popped up in my mailbox with the brief...

Weiss quoted in WSJ on Obama's Cybersecurity Plans

In an article posted on the Wall Street Journal's website by WSJ reporter Andrew LaVallee, Unfettered blogger Joe Weiss is quoted:

Richard Clarke on Cybersecurity

Just put this up on Unfettered. Posted without comment.

Richard Clarke Weighs in on Cybersecurity

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What needs to be considered to secure control systems

I am in the process of responding to a request from Congress. In doing so, I have had several experts provide input. I wanted to share one very important point that was contributed by Eric Cosman.

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 item appeared on Raw Story this afternoon. 

Worrying About Cybersecurity Nuances

Walt posted this story on Unfettered this morning. Seems like the Solons over at the Wall Street Journal have finally noticed the electrical grid issue. Good for them. Maybe if this story goes mainstream, more pressure to do something will get applied.