Controlling the Off Switch. Who Controls It?

We're about to acquire a significant new cybervulnerability. The world's energy utilities are starting to install hundreds of millions of 'smart meters' which contain a remote off switch. Its main purpose is to ensure that customers who default on their payments can be switched remotely to a prepay tariff

Cyber incidents down for petrochemicals, up for water/wastewater #pauto

Here's the summary of the latest RISI incident report:

Leadership Focus Podcast: Cyber Security

Each year the damage to critical infrastructure from network incidentsand cyber attacks is measured in the billions of dollars.

Buggy smart meters can infect the Smart Grid

In a report published June 12th,'s Dan Goodin reports, "The newfangled meters needed to make the smart grid work are built on buggy software that's easily hacked, said Mike Davis, a senior security consultant for IOActive.

Wurldtech and Matrikon declare alliance for cyber security

The combining and recombining in the functional security world is beginning to look like a test tube full of recombinant DNA as companies jockey for the ability to offer a completely integrated security solution. Here's Wurldtech and Matrikon's latest effort:

We don't got to show you no steenkin' critical assets!

[img_assist|nid=2886|title=US Power Plants|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=480|height=310]It makes you wonder, doesn't it, how the electric utilities can have so few critical assets. I would think that most of those big splotches of red in the Southeastern United States where there are so many power plants that the resolution of the map can't show...