…a scary thought…

I wanted to point out an electronic impact (I didn't use the word cyber, but probably could) that has affected several SCADA systems. It deals with the Navy doing pulse radar testing and the radar impacting SCADA performance.

Joe’s Testimony before Congress, blasts NERC for negligence

Joe Weiss testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security yesterday, about the state of cybersecurity preparedness in the power and energy industries. In his testimony, Joe blasted NERC as "alarming at best and negligent at worst," and recommended that ISA be given responsibility for developing new standards for cybersecurity...

Is the Edison Electric Institute in bed with NERC and FERC?

Here's a sanitized communication from EEI:

SecureWorks sees 90% rise in hacks aimed at utilities

From the press release:

Thoughts on ISAExpo2007

My observations about last week's Expo are focused on security. They include thoughts from walking the showroom floor, attending presentation sessions, and SP99 sessions. The showroom floor had more vendors including wireless in their products than ever before.

NERC Cyber Security Compliance or How to Game the System

From ISA Expo2007:

NIST puts new cyber security standard up for comment

Since I just got this, I'm cross-posting it from my blog to Joe's... From Keith Stouffer at NIST: NIST is pleased to announce that the second public draft of Special Publication 800-82, Guideline to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security, is available for public comment.

We’re in danger of missing the point of the INL demonstration…

This post is in response to the scores of responses to the CNN report and AP articles on the INL cyber destruction of the generator. It is very clear that from the blogs such as the SCADA ListServer, we have not just skeptics, but complete lack of knowledge on the...

More from the CNN segment and AP article…

Yesterday evening, CNN ran a segment on the cyber security of power grid and the Associated Press ran a companion article. The AP article states: "¦a government video shows the potential destruction caused by hackers seizing control of a crucial part of the U.S.

Cybersecurity hits CNN  Joe can't apparently post directly to the blog right now, so while we're fi...