Joe Weiss does a podcast interview with Dale Peterson of DigitalBond

Dale Peterson, whose website, DigitalBond has resources for cybersecurity, and who hosts a popular cybersecurity blog of the same name, interviewed Joe Weiss of RealtimeACS and this blog last week.

Joe shares his thoughts on the qualifications of control system security vendors

The following is an ad from Digital Bond's website. It is the second time they have advertised for control system expertise AFTER obtaining a DHS or DOE contract. "Digital Bond is still hiring security researchers to help with Bandolier, Portaledge and Quickdraw.

Bandolier: Gold Standard, or Only Half Way There?

I want to specifically respond to Ralph Langer’s comments from my blog post on Severity Levels. Ralph posted, “While I agree in general that severity cannot be established without context, experience tells me that such context can hardly be established by any kind of automated software tool.

Giving the Black Hats the keys to the store…

Training the Bad Guys Dale Peterson’s April 22nd blog had the following: “Jason Larsen’s presentation on SCADA and Control System hacking from Blackhat Federal 08 is now available.” There has been a prevailing view that control systems are secure because they are so arcane and obscure.

What, exactly does the CIA know?

 has a very interesting and provocative discussion about the CIA disclosure at SANS last week. This is the second time SANS has made an unverifiable disclosure on control system cyber extortion. SANS needs to provide more detailed information not only to validate its authenticity but to provide enough information for i...