DeltaV Supplies Back on Track

As you may know, supplies of DeltaV systems from Emerson Process Management were badly disrupted by the severe flooding in Thailand last year. There were reports of up to 1 year’s wait for certain DeltaV parts sourced in that area.

Keith Bellville Explains It All-- New DeltaV Engineering Tool Enhancements

Speaking to a packed meeting room, with an overflow crowd in the doorway and standing in the hall, Emerson’s Keith Bellville, DeltaV engineering tools and productivity

DeltaV SIS saves space, cost and integrates control systems on Thunderhawk Platform

“My co-presenter, William (Butch) Taggart from Murphy Oil could not be here, because he’s cleaning up the damage Murphy Oil suffered from Hurricane Ike, and his own house,” said Emerson’s Sean McCormack, of the Emerson Hydrocarbon and Energy Industry Centre, in Calgary, Alberta, “so I’m going to do the...

Biogen Idec's Excellent Integration Adventure

CapEx Wireless Savings Proven in Hydrotreater Study