Live from WBF--The World According to Lou

Velumani ("Lou") Pillai, who is one of the serious big dogs in manufacturing at Pfizer, presented what he called a collaborative paper written by himself, Rob Burrows, also of Pfizer, and the ubiquitous Dennis Brandl (who is the only human being I know who multitasks better than I do).

Live from WBF 2008-- Industrial Interoperability Compliance Institute

Dennis Brandl announced the creation of the newest of ISA's compliance institutes, the IICI (pronounced I-CEE, so that the compliance stamp can say "IICI Cool!") The IICI Mission: Create a standardized application framework and interoperability baseline to enable adaptive manufacturing and business processes Dramatically lower high life cycle cost of...

Live from WBF 2008--Dennis Brandl takes an integrated view of production

Following Agnes Shanley's keynote, Dennis Brandl presented a paper entitled, WHAT IS ABOVE A MASTER RECIPE? AN INTEGRATED VIEW OF PRODUCTION THERE IS A MISSING ELEMENT: ISA 88 defines 4 types of recipes General, Site, Master, Control The Master Recipe is limited to a process cell Yet the “higher level”...