Our January 2013 Issue is Ready. See This Year's Readers' Choice Awards Winners

In the January issue, find out our readers' favorite automation resources and suppliers in "Who Had the Nicest Ice in This Years' Readers' Choice Awards?" plus, follow along with Jim Montague as he describes the ex

Our December 2012 Digtial Edition is Ready For You

December contains Control's look at the process automation economy. Who are the Top 50 vendors? What does 2013 look like? Maybe like a swan: All serene on the surface, but underneath, paddling as fast as he can.

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In the November issue of Control Sr. Technical Editor Dan Hebert says advanced process control "ain't easy." The rewards of a successful implementation can be huge, but getting there isn't necessarily half the fun. Greg McMillan warns us to beware of imposter control valves, and we explore how Europe's largest...

Have You Checked Out Our October 2012 Digital Edition?

Our cover story addresses the knotty question of how you know when you have enough security. Is it possible to spend too much? How do you tell? Plus, read about how a gold mine is using simulation for operator training and process improvement; how to find the right flowmeter for...

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This issue of Control talks about the sweet advances in simulation that allow once-separate silos to cross-pollinate into a functional whole from which users can pick the elements they need for design, configuration, training and process optimization.

What Can You Find in Our August 2012 Issue?

In our August issue, read "Wireless Comes of Age" and find out why wireless is not just for early adopters anymore. Also, learn to "Flow Like an Egyptian" with Walt Boyes, who covers the basics of flow measurement in open channels and explore virtual instrumentation with the folks at Arkansas...

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Control's June cover story reveals the multiple ways process control engineers, integrators and suppliers are reaching their "green goals," plus the results of our 2012 salary survey, getting the best shelter for your process analyzers and how object-oriented design can help you reach your project goals.

Industrial Networking 2012 Q2

The benefits of cloud storage are unquestionable in commercial and personal applications, but does it make sense on the plant floor? In this issue of Industrial Networking, Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert explores how third-party storage is being developed for manufacturing, and whether the controls and safeguards are convincing enough...

May 2012 Digital Edition

The May issue of Control addresses the question, is industrial control security a safety issue. Also included, the real reason variable-frequency drives (VFDs) are such a hard sell to many process engineers--it may not be what you think--and Hall of Fame member Greg Shinsky takes on the question of Lamba...

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In April's Control: Remote Access Goes Mainstream. Find out why it's one of the fastest-growing and accepted technologies to hit the process control industries; plus, how an upstate New York brewer saves $230,000 a year with a flow controls upgrade; what's new in SCADA; and the story of Southern States...