The March 2012 Issue is here!

Control's March issue is all about road maps. Our cover story "The Control Room of the Future - Smarter Reality" shows readers how to navigate through all the glitz and shiny new tools and applications to get to the best, most practical and functional 21st-century control room for their needs.

December 2011 Digital Issue

The December issue of Control magazine is now online and ready for viewing. It features our annual rating of the Top 50 automation companies, both globally and in North America.This year, vendors are all doing well, but are nervous about the future.

Control's October 2011 Issue Is Ready for Viewing

The October issue of Control begins with a view of real-world security in process automation, discussing how real companies are addressing the complex issue of securing their operations. It goes on to explore a systematic way to herd all those variable “cats” and achieve plant-wide control, how Iggesund Paperboard uses...

Control's September issue is now online and ready for viewing

Control's September cover tells how automation can cut costs through the lifecycle of a plant asset. Also read how desert-country water districts conserve this increasingly scarce resource, plus more on optimization, VFDs, Fukushima's implications, buses for final control elements, and smart I/O.

Control's July 2011 issue is now online and ready for viewing

Control's July cover story focuses on "Tribal Knowledge" and how new tools are preserving vital process know-how

Control's June 2011 issue is now online and ready for viewing

In the June cover story we profile companies that have taken "going green" well beyond improving production efficiency and into cutting-edge sustainability programs. We also show you the results of our 2011 salary survey and analyze the reasons why you should consider Intrinsic Safety applications for your facilities.

Control's February 2011 issue is ready for viewing

Our February issue features the latest three inductees into the Process Automation Hall of Fame. Check out whom these "Masters of All the Tools: are. Then, find out about the fieldbus "black channel," the best application for difficult level-measuring challenges and the basics of analyzer sample systems. Also, don't miss...

Control's 2011 January issue is now online

The January issue of Control showcases our 19th annual "Readers' Choice Awards," wherein readers pick their favorites among more than 100 process automation categories. Also in this issue: How to hijack a PLC; how to keep your head above the big wave of smaller, faster, cheaper, stronger industrial PCs flooding...

Control's October 2010 Digital Edition

The October issue of Control focuses on the new security risk called Stuxnet in out cover story called "Worst Fears Realized." What should you do to protect your control systems now? Other stories feature the latest in OPC security, Fluor's use of Coriolis flowmeters to fast-track the development of China's...

September's Digital Issue is Now Ready #pauto #controlglobal #digitalmagazines

The September issue of Control is packed with features. We cover the breakout of simulation from the realm of design; configuration and training and into optimization, model-predictive control and other plant-floor functions. We also explore the use of wireless gauge monitoring at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station optimizing asset...