Another Plug for the Strength of American Manufacturing

This release came over the transom this morning. Some thought-provoking ideas on the economy and manufacturing's piece of the recovery. It's commentary from Dr. Chris Kuehl, Economic Analyst, Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International.

The Weather's Good in Munich Too

Apparently things are quite sunny in Munich as well as Milwaukee. (FWIW, it's  46 deg F. and sunny there today.) But even if it had been raining buckets, I think the folks at Siemens would be smiling. This news came over the wires this morning:

Sunshine in Milwaukee

It's been a lovely fall here in the Midwest. Lots of sunshine. And today the sun was shining just a bit brighter up the road in Milwaukee. This morning, Rockwell Automation released it's 2010 fourth-quarter earnings report, which gave CEO Keith Nosbusch and the rest of the Rockwell gang a...

I'm Taking My Good News Where I Can Find It

The economic wallahs tell us that the economy is getting better -- sort of. Unless you're reading them on the days when they're in a bad mood, and they're telling us the opposite--or, of course, unless you're one of those poor souls still trying to find work after a layoff...

This Is What We're Up Against

Two articles have caught my eye in recent days that point out the weird disconnect between the crummy employment numbers and the fact that some manufacturers are going begging for employees. Both are from the New York Times.

Supply Chain Issues Cloud the Economic Tea Leaves

The prognosticators over at Longbow Research have released a short assessment of the current conditions in the process industries. The news is mostly good. The report says . . .

Rockwell’s 2Q Numbers Look Good

Spent the morning on a couple of conference calls relating to Rockwell Automation’s release of its financials for the second quarter of its fiscal year 2010. The bottom line: Pretty good, all things considered—and way better than 2009.

ABB releases Q1 financial data-- slow improvement #pauto

Some bad news, some good news, some neutral news, but overall, the economic picture seems to be improving. Here's the release, full-text:

The Glory of COTS! Check this out--- Windows CE, DOS and LINUX, take your pick for OS!

For years, COTS (commercially available, off the shelf) has been driving the architectures of automation systems and controller design. Here's the latest example of the power of COTS.

Longbow Research says the market is improving!

Longbow Research has published their January Automation Update. They are far more bullish in this report than in previous months' issues.