IBM's Sam Palmisano on what's coming next

Sam Palmisano is not only a terrific CEO, who has remade IBM into a global and lean and forward looking cutting edge company, he is a hell of a good futurist.

Some bonuses are deserved...

Amid all the hooforaw about the AIG bonuses, here's a company that believes in its employees and their contribution, and rewards them for the right reasons.

Surviving the Slowdown

Now that a full-fledged economic slowdown is upon us, the question is how to cope. For many process industry veterans including your humble correspondent, this isn’t the first downturn and it won’t be the last, so experience from past recessions is germane.

Job vacancies roughly flat in February-- leading indicator provides good news, bad news

Well, maybe some good news. The Conference Board reports that online advertised job vacancies were basically flat in February, rather than dipping lower.

Cautious optimism for 2009 from Ken Blanchard Companies' new survey

From their mouths to God's ear!

An Overnight Sensation 25 Years in the Making

Maybe this sort of thing is whistling in the dark, but just about the time I think I've been badly over-served in the Bad News department, something pops up in my mailbox that changes the outlook--at least a little. A couple of these bits of good news have come my...

To help a friend...

I don't normally do this, but in these troubled times, we all need to help one another.

Another Domino

Hate to be the Voice of Doom here, but just in case you missed it, this story is out on the wires now.  LyondellBasell has filed for Chapter 11. This isn't really "hot" news in the sense that it's been predicted all weekend, but on top of all the other filings,...

On the Other Hand . . .

As Walt says about Chris Kuehl's somewhat sanguine report on the short-term economic future of American manufacturing, "from his mouth to God's ear." I hope he's right.