Fall = Convention Season

One sure sign that Fall is arriving, other than the return to school is all the conventions that are scheduled during September through November. The busy season always seems to be the Spring (April through mid-June) and then again this time of year.

Hot off the e-presses! Emerson Exchange eReporter-- very early edition today! #emrex

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Not News about Emerson Exchange

Yes, Virginia, there is life after Emerson Exchange. ARC Advisory Group is ramping up for a three-fer come next February--in Orlando. (Where else?)

Attend Emerson Exchange Live on your PC! #emrex 

Keith Bellville Explains It All-- New DeltaV Engineering Tool Enhancements

Speaking to a packed meeting room, with an overflow crowd in the doorway and standing in the hall, Emerson’s Keith Bellville, DeltaV engineering tools and productivity

Change Leadership is a matter of Perspective

Think Differently and Become an Automation Leader Who Steers Towards Success

DeltaV SIS saves space, cost and integrates control systems on Thunderhawk Platform

“My co-presenter, William (Butch) Taggart from Murphy Oil could not be here, because he’s cleaning up the damage Murphy Oil suffered from Hurricane Ike, and his own house,” said Emerson’s Sean McCormack, of the Emerson Hydrocarbon and Energy Industry Centre, in Calgary, Alberta, “so I’m going to do the...

Biogen Idec's Excellent Integration Adventure

CapEx Wireless Savings Proven in Hydrotreater Study