CapEx Wireless Savings Proven in Hydrotreater Study

Economic and Technical Considerations for Deployment of Wireless in Capital Projects

Micro Motion shows off new two-wire Coriolis meters

"We know that customers have been waiting for a breakthrough that would enable them to replace previous generation two-wire flowmeters with highly accurate and reliable Coriolis meters-without incurring the costs of additional wiring and power."

Real World Wireless

In a press conference held Monday at 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange, BP and six other end users of Emerson Process Management’s Smart Wireless technology described the real-world benefits already being achieved in many different industries around the globe. "

Exchanging Emerson

"Since we're in Washington, DC," John Berra quipped, in his last official address as business leader of Emerson Process Management, "I thought I should give a state of the union address. We are stronger than we have ever been before.

Emerson Exchange is bigger (again)

Welcoming us to the 10th Annual Emerson Exchange was Greg Stephens, chairman of the Emerson Global Users Exchange, to give it its whole and rightful title. Stephens said that attendance would run over 2579 (might get as high as 2700) which is ten times the attendance (250) at the...

Third time's the charm...from Emerson Exchange...

Here's the third edition of our e-conference daily coverage of Emerson Exchange:

ControlGlobal e-Conference Daily for September 11...

Just in case you missed it:

What's interesting about thermocouples anyway?

Shell Makes Gasification Fun and Emerson Makes Thermocouples Interesting

Making Old Coal Ideas New Again...

Making Old Ideas New Again

We have seen some cool stuff here...part two

Terry Blevins gets around. In Monday's e-newsletter conference daily edition, we ran a video interview with Terry, and also Scott Broadley and Trish Benton of Broadley James Corporation. For those of you out in the cold in outer Ubangistan somewhere, Broadley James is one of the great names in wet chemistry.