News You May Have Missed This Week

Thanks to multiple ways to keep informed available and thehard limit of 24 hours in every day, keeping up with the news is harder thanever. So as a semi-regular service of the SoundOff! Team, we bring you a fewstories you may have missed that you'll wish later you hadn't.

DeltaV Supplies Back on Track

As you may know, supplies of DeltaV systems from Emerson Process Management were badly disrupted by the severe flooding in Thailand last year. There were reports of up to 1 year’s wait for certain DeltaV parts sourced in that area.

Emerson's CEO Talks Future Plans

David Farr, CEO of Emerson Electric, parent company of Emerson Process Management, gave an interview to Bloomberg News today. Makes for a good read on what the plans of one of the process automation big dogs are for the future.

Changing the guard at Fieldbus Foundation

A little late, however I just found out that now that John Berra has officially retired, Dr. Gunther Kegel has been elected the chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation Board of Directors.  John was chairman for 16 years – basically since the beginning.

Emerson Exchange Plus the Latest on Stuxnet

Coming down to the end of one of those weeks where I feel like if I have to put one more thing in my brain, it might explode. Between Emerson Exchange and the Stuxnet virus, I've had trouble keeping up.

Emerson S-Series – New Paradigm?

I imagine that by now most of you have at least received the June 2010 issue of Control magazine with its “Special Advertising Supplement” from Emerson Process Management promoting the new Human Centered Design S-Series control products.  Of course the biggest part of the announcement is CHARM.

Freeing the operator-- the Holy Grail

The holy grail for plant operators has always been the freedom to walk the plant, AND operate the plant with all the necessary tools at their fingertips, including control, asset management and the ability to see the big picture-- like the old fashioned "panel wall" some of us older folk...

Xi–ting News for OPC

The December issue of Control Magazine contained an article of interest to automation professionals involved in data integration and as the title of this blog implies, that is Xi (pronounced “X-EYE”) as a new version of OPC.   As a process analyser professional, it interested me to see that this...