Freaky Fast-- Emerson gets first Syncade project

Having only announced it last week at the ARC Forum, I'd have to borrow a tagline from Jimmy John's Sandwiches-- Emerson is "freaky fast." Today they've announced that Bristol-Myers Squibb will be, if not their first Syncade customer, at least their first public one.

Snow Day!!

If anybody wants to call Control's offices in Itasca today, feel free, but no one is going to answer. The snow and ice storm that came down overnight has forced us to close the office and work from home. I know. Life is hard for we journalists.

Good news amid the financial gloom -- Emerson has a good report

Emerson reported good results for their year end report today:

Emerson lands huge WirelessHART project order from PDVSA

From Emerson's press release:

Micro Motion shows off new two-wire Coriolis meters

"We know that customers have been waiting for a breakthrough that would enable them to replace previous generation two-wire flowmeters with highly accurate and reliable Coriolis meters-without incurring the costs of additional wiring and power."

Real World Wireless

In a press conference held Monday at 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange, BP and six other end users of Emerson Process Management’s Smart Wireless technology described the real-world benefits already being achieved in many different industries around the globe. "

Exchanging Emerson

"Since we're in Washington, DC," John Berra quipped, in his last official address as business leader of Emerson Process Management, "I thought I should give a state of the union address. We are stronger than we have ever been before.

Emerson Exchange is bigger (again)

Welcoming us to the 10th Annual Emerson Exchange was Greg Stephens, chairman of the Emerson Global Users Exchange, to give it its whole and rightful title. Stephens said that attendance would run over 2579 (might get as high as 2700) which is ten times the attendance (250) at the...

Emerson makes key personnel moves--- Berra moves upstairs