Remember the nuclear power industry?

Even many greens have come around to the fact that if we're going to continue operating our infrastructure, we have to re-include nuclear power as a significant option. Right now, we power the United States and Canada with coal and oil and natural gas.

Finally, Brooks Instrument finds a new home...

After almost a year of rumor and speculation, and over 5 months of waiting for the official announcement, it is now official. As of December 31, Brooks Instrument has a new home. But here's an important note.

A visit to Planet Emerson

You know how it is...go someplace and get sidetracked. Well, I am always a sucker for a pretty manufacturing plant, so since I had a free day, today, instead of doing what a normal person would do, and go sightseeing in Shanghai, I went and visited Emerson China's headquarters and plant.

The view from Shanghai

After a grueling 15 hour flight, and some intense sleep therapy to overcome the jet lag, I'm finally ready to discover China. I've never been to China before, and I find it fascinating. The energy and excitement in China is palpable.

WirelessHART: it's not just for process variables anymore

So here we have all those unloved, lonely discrete inputs in the process plant. Things like on-off switches, level switches, flow switches, alarm switches...all those things that we don't usually think of as being part of the process and that sit out in the plant feeling abandoned and uncaredfor.

Third time's the charm...from Emerson Exchange...

Here's the third edition of our e-conference daily coverage of Emerson Exchange:

ControlGlobal e-Conference Daily for September 11...

Just in case you missed it:

What's interesting about thermocouples anyway?

Shell Makes Gasification Fun and Emerson Makes Thermocouples Interesting

Making Old Coal Ideas New Again...

Making Old Ideas New Again

We have seen some cool stuff here...part two

Terry Blevins gets around. In Monday's e-newsletter conference daily edition, we ran a video interview with Terry, and also Scott Broadley and Trish Benton of Broadley James Corporation. For those of you out in the cold in outer Ubangistan somewhere, Broadley James is one of the great names in wet chemistry.