IT Security Still Does Not Get It!

I’m frankly tired of people telling me there is no difference between IT enterprise security and plant level IT security. They can blow on and on about that for all they want, but they can’t prove it. I CAN prove my assertion. Here’s more proof.

Some observations on the differences between enterprise and SCADA security

I posted this earlier on the new SCADASEC listserv and I thought it deserved a wider audience.... If what you are doing is SCADA security, instead of IT Enterprise security, I would like to offer two observations. The first is that SCADA security has a somewhat different purpose than enterprise security.

Here is where the difference lies…

. Here's what the blurb said: "Symantecâ„¢ Endpoint Protection: A unified, proactive approach to endpoint security Organizations today face a threat landscape that involves stealthy, targeted, and financially motivated attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in endpoint de...