Nuclear vs Solar and Wind. Which Is Better? Should We Pursue Both?

The following email exchange has been zipping through the electrons here at Control. The commenter and the responders all raise good points. I thought I'd open the subject up for further responses.

Perpetuum PMG FSH Free-Standing Harvester Available

From the press release:

First WirelessHART sensor powered by energy scavenging #pauto

Industrial Wireless Temperature Transmitter Powered by Heat

Junk Science... MIT declares Nokia power harvester can produce 50 milliwatts of power from the air!

On Tuesday, the prestigeous MIT Technology Review published a story by Duncan Graham-Rowe in which he claimed that Nokia "hopes to create a device that could harvest enough power to keep a cell phone topped up."

Energy Harvesting Module

One of the several elephants in the wireless sensor network room is the apparent need to have thousands of batteries onsite in a fully developed network, and the need to have to go change out those batteries after some years (some say three years, some say five years, some say...

Siemens spinoff EnOcean harvests energy from light switches!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fundamental breakthrough creates battery-free wireless lighting control Four Harvesters Capture 'Unused Environmental Energy' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- The lighting market can be a demanding taskmaster. p It wanted battery-free, wireless lighting control, especially for large installations where battery management could be a real headache.