What Shall the #RoyalBaby Read?

There is no doubt that Prince William and Duchess Kate's son will be a well educated child. Who knows, he might take after his father and uncle and join the military, he might decide to go into politics, history or the Arts, but if for some reason he decides to...

OUT of Control with Joe Kaulfersch: There's always room for beer! #pauto #engineer_humor #automation

From our resident humorist, Joe Kaulfersch: 

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"But what is it you actually do?" demands your mom, your non-engineering friends, the guy down the block and the annoying guy at the neighborhood barbeque party.  It's hard to come up with an "elevator ride" answer on the spur of the moment. Engineering's complicated.

OUT of Control #fridayfunny #pauto

From Vic Smith, engineer and soldier:

OUT of Control-- Einstein's Speech #pauto #humor

From the indefatigable Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs, a Friday Funny: 

OUT of Control-- What CEOs Really Do! #pauto

Another oldie but goodie from Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs:

Out of Control--the differences between dogs and computers #pauto

Friday funny from the irrepressible Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs:

OUT of Control-- Engineers with guns! #pauto #humor

Just for you, direct from P+F's Joe Kaulfersch:

OUT of Control -- A Friday Funny from "Engineer X" at Advanceon-- High Rise Automated Alcohol Delivery System

Here's a thoughtful blog post on the duty of engineers to make every process better:

OUT of Control-- Joe Kaulfersch does it again #pauto

"When you get older everything reminds you of a story."-Franklyn Kirk.  Well I remembered a story:   The Plan In the beginning was the Plan. And then came the "